The BiogasAction final booklet has been released!

The final BiogasAction booklet, which is aimed at providing a summary of the project’s best achievements and increasing the involvement of multipliers and business, has been presented and disseminated at the BiogasAction final event in Brussels on the 11th of October.

The document offers an overview of the activities developed during the BiogasAction project, showing efforts and success stories in boosting the rapid development of the biogas/biomethane sector in the EU. Promotion of synergies and exchange of information between different players involved in the biogas production were among the main challenges of the project. Relying on knowledge-sharing initiatives, BiogasAction partners have been able to identify success factors for biogas development at regional level and to reflect on how different initiatives can be transferred to other European regions.

From these positive examples, some conclusions and recommendations have been made for speeding up the development of the European biogas sector, taking into account the regional pre-conditions and approaches. Regular cooperation between different stakeholders is crucial for biogas promotion to exchange information and knowledge on the state of art of the biogas sector. In this regard, the development of a free-access online toolbox for biogas plant developers is one of the key actions put in place by the BiogasAction project for taking advantage of available knowledge, data and information and build a solid knowledge base of existing EU and national projects and tools concerning the biogas. In addition, well-established relations with the existing biogas plants are essential to get the adequate data to support successful models for biogas development. Still, a constructive dialogue and a closer cooperation are also relevant for the industry and the research sectors when considering biogas optimisation.

At the same time, raising awareness on competitiveness of biogas compared to another renewable resources is also crucial for developing a local energy production and promoting the implementation of a sustainable economy. This can also help incorporating biogas in strategic plans for energy, with the aim to address challenges that cannot be solved by other types of renewable energy. In this respect, BiogasAction partners also identified a lack of knowledge on biogas within the public authorities, which can be challenging for the development of a suitable regulatory framework. This can be tackled by promoting knowledge-exchange within public authorities and other stakeholders. Case studies and materials developed by BiogasAction can showcase how this can be done in practice.


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