Status of Development – CzBA, Czech Republic

Biogas industry is well developed since 2005 in the Czech Republic, when RES support has been introduced. Biogas with 360 MW installed represents 25% of total RE production. Main activities of CzBA include i.a. work on operational support, national strategy, public consultation, training and business cases, but also collaboration with technology research.

State of Departure

Biogas industry is well developed since 2005 in the Czech Republic, based on the first Renewable Energy Act ever (180/2005 Coll.), but never notified by the Commission (in progress). Feed-in-tariffs and green bonuses on electricity were introduced.

There are 554 biogas plants in operation in the Czech Republic (360 MW installed), representing 25 % of RES production. CHP from biogas is dominant and it is predicted to stay the same as only small scale biogas plants are and will be supported through national subsidy schemes. There is no large-scale biogas upgrading technology and no injection of the biomethane to the grid.

In 2016/17 there is no growth. Some subvention programs were open but the conditions were not sufficient for the profitable project. Energy efficiency and operational reliability were stressed in R&D and innovation projects.

What have been done during the first project part

Main tasks for Biogas Action strategy goal achievements are: building communication platform, strengthening the biogas sector framework, initiating new projects. The National Biogas Platform (stakeholder forum) has been established and Biogas Action has been introduced to the participants – with opportunities, involvement, development and use of outputs discussed. Moreover activities from the institutional building part includes i.a. work on operational support, renewable energy action plan, public consultations, individual training sessions.

The work on strengthening biogas framework involved organising sixteenth edition of national biogas conference, Biogas Action seminar, meetings and workshops focusing on biomethane issues.

Two business cases one on small and one on large scale were prepared during the project, and three others are under development. Moreover CzBA acted as an expert adviser for Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Industry and Trade.

As of tasks on optimising biogas production three trainings took place until today – the topics covered biogas plant operation, fulfilment of technical parameters, health and safety.

Read the full report about the first period of the project in Czech Republic, here.