Public discussion in Croatia

BiogasAction has organised a public discussion on the new Ordinance on energy from renewable energy systems and cogeneration in order to facilitate better biogas framework condition in Croatia.

Co-host was Croatian Chamber of Economy – RES Association-Biogas Group that reactivated its role as a biogas market stakeholder.

The roundtable discussion has assembled all existing biogas plant operators at one place, representatives from the Ministry of Economy – Department for Renewable Energy, Croatian Energy Regulatory Agency, Croatian Energy Market Operator, Croatian Chamber of Economy… about 40 participants.

discussion kralik_goic_kulisic_stih

Ranko Goić, PhD, the author of the Ordinance has presented the concept and role of biogas within the Ordinance and answered the questions from the participants.

Biljana Kulišić, PhD, represented BiogasAction project, shared biogas positions from 7 markets in consortium. She invited participants to proactive approach in forming the biogas market in Croatia. Her team recorded the comments on the Ordinance and will assemble them together with the inputs of Biogas Action consortium, as contributions to the public discussion.

audience kulisic_presents_ba warm_up