Mobilisation in the target regions

Since the start of the project in January 2016, Biogas Action has mobilised its intervention in the target countries/regions –  Rhonalp and Western part of France, Wales/UK, Croatia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Denmark, Latvia and South East Sweden.

The main focus is on the following areas of biogas sector development:

  • Institutional-building of the key stakeholders
  • Strengthening the biogas sector framework
  • Optimising business models and financing of biogas projects
  • Optimising biogas production
  • Providing assistance to specific high quality biogas project development

At project meeting in Brussels, 20-21 June 2016, the partners presented their strategies on how to take actions within these areas, including engaging the relevant stakeholders. An internal peer learning workshop helped to optimise the ways of institutional building and based on this learning the partners will proceed with converting the strategies into a practical plan for promoting biogas development in the target regions.

The next project meeting is planned to take place in London, December 2016, and will be associated with an evaluation of the progress of intervention in each target region and extracting learning across the regions.