59 biogas plants are operating in Latvia: 49 agricultural, 7 in regional waste management landfills, 2 in food/beverage industry and 1 in wastewater treatment facility which produce about 0.336 TWh of electricity and the total installed capacity is 62,102 MW.

In 2013 the Ministry of Economics had set temporary limits within which additional subsidies for electricity producers were no longer submitted. These restrictions were in force until the end of 2015, so the Ministry of Economics at the beginning of 2016 decided to extend this restriction until the end of 2020.

>> Read the full report about the first period of the project in Latvia, here. <<


During 2016 Latvia has come out with following work within:

WP2 – Tools for successful regional biogas initiatives and deployment:

  • Examples of interesting success stories biogas plants and voted for the top 10 in the next round

WP3 – Intervention in Target Countries/Regions:

  • established a cooperation agreement with the Latvian Biogas Association (LBA) in order to successfully implement activities;
  • start a stakeholder group forum in Latvia as an informal group working on the biogas sector (in collaboration with LBA, Riga Technical university);
  • in collaboration with Riga Technical university started working on the development of biogas summer school (to strengthening the biogas sector and increasing the public acceptance);
  • in collaboration with Riga Technical university prepared a series of 6 trainings for specific and different topics;
  • for now Ekodoma has assisted at one biogas plant (helped to increase the efficiency of current operation);
  • participation in seminars/work groups together with other projects to disseminate biogas action activities.

WP5 – Dissemination & Communication:

  • National newsletter to biogas actors
  • Description and the homepage of the project has integrated in Ekodoma homepage.

Read about the outcomes of Biogas Action project in Latvia until the interim phase, here.