The German biogas industry has made remarkable progress under the renewable energy law EEG in recent years, now providing 5 % of the national electricity demand or 3 million households. Including sewage treatment plants with a transformation of the produced gas into electricity, more than 10,500 biogas power plants are operating today. Their total installed electrical capacity is about 4,500 MW. Due to poorer political conditions, the addition of new plants in the last few years has been limited almost exclusively to small scale on-farm plants for the digestion of manure.



In this project, IBBK is involved as best practice partner and has realised the following work within the different WP’s:

WP 2: Tools for successful regional biogas initiatives and developments:

  • Exploration of existing publications and tools of regional approaches (in Germany and beyond)
  • Identification of three examples of interesting and successful biogas projects from Germany
  • Participation in voting for the 10 most promising biogas projects for presenting in the brochure

WP 4: Networking (activities on national and EU level) & Replication (beyond target regions)

  • Knowledge and experience sharing between the Croatian project partner EIHP (Energy  Institute Hrvoje Pozar) and IBBK (The International Biogas and Bioenergy Centre of Competence). The German project partner provided support for the implementation of actions in the target region Croatia on site from 14th to 16th of June 2016.
  • Contribution to the BiogasAction replication event in Warsaw on the 3rd of June 2016. It revealed a sincere interest of the market actors in the Polish biogas sector to develop new projects and to learn from EU experience. As a result of this event, a report on the Polish biogas market situation has been developed.
  • Participation as a speaker at the conference (replication event) „Perspectives of the utilisation of biogas“ on the 7th of December 2016 in Fribourg/Switzerland.

WP 5 Dissemination & Communication

  • Provision of content for the website
  • Contribution through feedback on the project’s brochure and roll-up.