Currently status in Denmark:


  • Currently there are around 166 biogas plants in Denmark producing approximately 11 PJ in 2017 (exact figures for 2018 are not yet available)
  • The business is expanding a lot these years and a new biogas plants are being planned and build. This is due to good framework conditions for the development of biogas and especially upgrading to natural gas and the gas grid.

During the BiogasAction project, DFFB have been working on different tasks in order to promote and fulfill the targets in BiogasAction – especially with focus on WP3. The following initiatives has been established:


Institutional building

  • Meetings have been held with different stakeholders in both east and west Denmark. The challengers are different when you look at east or west Denmark due to the numbers of plants and also the mentality in municipalities. The focus has been on exchange of knowledge between different stakeholders and institutions.
  • To focus on the educational side, BiogasAction has established a network for educational institutions to raise focus on biogas. It is an ongoing network.
  • There has been a merging phase between the two old biogas associations in Denmark. This has resulted in a much stronger biogas association, where DFFB/BiogasAction is now taking care of knowledge sharing among biogas producers. The network between plants has therefore been strengthened. DFFB now have a close contact with almost all biogas plants in Denmark both through direct projects, training, education and knowledge sharing.

Strengthening the biogas sector framework

  • In relation to the meetings with municipalities and the identification of challengers, the project has tried to identify how and where, BiogasAction/DFFB can support the different challengers in both eastern and western part of Denmark. There has been held meetings of knowledge exchange between municipalities in order to improve planning in municipalities. This has been based on good examples from one municipality to another. It is much easier to promote good examples from one municipality to another than to stand up (as a part of the biogas sector) and tell them what we think they should do.
  • Meeting with the Association for Danish Biogas plants has resulted in an initiative, that focuses on improvement for insurance issuers on Danish biogas plants. There has never been any competition on the insurance marked for biogas plants but BiogasAction/DFFB has discussed this with an insurance company and they are willing to look into the business. Right now a number of plants are dealing with an insurance offer, that could save money. The savings are between 15.000 – 30.000 EUR per year for each plant.
  • New possibilities with household waste. To increase the knowledge and understanding of using household waste in biogas plants, BiogasAction promoted and strengthened the knowledge of the potential (both on biogas and climate) of using household waste in biogas plants through 2 conferences.

Optimizing business models and financing of biogas projects

  • DFFB has been working on 4 projects in the project and has also been collecting material from other business models and feasibility studies. This biogas business is moving quit fast forward in Denmark due to the good framework conditions and this has resulted in many new plants.
    • 2 pretreatment plants for waste from the food industry
    • 1 farmer based biogas plant
    • 1 organic plant

Optimizing biogas production

  • Training sessions for biogas plants have been held. There has been held 7 training activities with both board members from biogas plants and daily operators. Focus has been on maintenance, economy and board work.
  • DFFB/BiogasAction has also been working on an education in the ordinary educational system. The education is an vocational education, that takes 4½ year. It is called “Process operator” and is a combination between school activity and work on a biogas plant. It was launched in December 2017 and the next uptake on the education will be in December 2018/ January 2019.
  • DFFB/BiogasAction was also working together with the University on a tool to optimize the use of biomass in order to produce more biogas. It is a project to be further developed in the future.

Assistance to specific high quality biogas project development

  • New pre-treatment plants for biomass have been developed within this project. DFFB is assisting two plants – approximately 50 mill dkr. in total.
  • Linkogas, one the old biogas plants in Denmark, has expanded with an organic line. Here DFFB/BiogasAction has contributed with different aspects of knowledge.
  • DFFB has also assisted and is still helping other plants in order to expand the production. Among these plants are 3 conventional farmer-based plants (Haderup, Bounum and Filskov Biogas plants) and one organic farmer-based biogas plant. Each biogas plant has got help at different levels and is at different stages in connection with getting build a plant or building facilities for biogas production.


  • DFFB has participated in a replication activity in Poland in order to promote biogas. This has been in cooperation with IBBK from Germany.

Read about the outcomes of Biogas Action project in Denmark until the interim phase, here.