Currently there are 574 biogas plants in operation in the Czech Republic (367 MWel installed), producing more than 8,000 GWh of biogas every year. Most of the production is based on agricultural biomass and used in CHP units.

The biogas sector was expanding notably in past years and the support schemes ceased to exist in 2014 as the government concluded that the target for renewable energy had been already reached.

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WP2 – tools for Successful Regional Biogas Initiatives and Deployment:

  • Examples of interesting success stories biogas plants and voted for the top 10 in the next round.
  • Update of tools developed at national level

WP3 – Intervention in Target Countries/Regions


  • National Biogas Platform (stakeholder forum) has been established in September 2016
  • Regular meetings took place twice a year bringing up relevant topics and current problems.

Strengthening the biogas sector framework

  • 3 national biogas conferences “Development and Operation of Biogas Plants”
  • 2 seminars were organised in order to raise the public acceptance of biogas.
  • 9 meetings, workshops and negotiations with a wide range of public authorities (Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT), Operator of the Energy Market (OTE), energy Regulatory Office (ERO), etc.) and other interested entities (CGOA, CAPIT, etc.) helped to open the discussion and definitely enhanced awareness of biomethane production.
  • The professional qualifications in responsibility of the CzBA have been updated. Contacts have been established with the National Institute for Education and the Chamber of Commerce.
  • As the plasma gasification technology that is closely related to biogas and biomethane, we were happy to be part of three workshops aiming to promote the technology.
  • Biomass Action Plan for 2020-2030 has been discussed during a workshop organised by UZEI

Optimising business models and financing of biogas projects

  • 5 business cases have been prepared within the project (2 × small scale upgrading, 2 × large scale upgrading, 1 × heat utilization)
  • In addition to business cases mentioned above, CzBA conducted meetings at the MIT and at the Ministry of Agriculture, where we acted as expert advisers for setting the conditions for subsidies for innovative technologies in the field of biogas production and use

Optimizing biogas production

  • 6 trainings took place covering two different topics.
    • Optimization of AD plant operation (improvement of operating parameters, biogas yield, etc.)
    • Fulfilment of technical parameters, controls, revisions, health and safety at work and other legislative and regulative requirements for operators.
  • Cooperation with universities offering long term and short term courses for biogas plants operators and management

Assistance to specific high quality biogas project development

  • 3 feasibility studies on biomethane have been prepared
  • 1 study on heat utilization

WP5 – Dissemination & Communication:

Produced roll up, printed leaflets, emitted newsletters and amended the webpage with the project website