biogas-action-map-czech-no-bordersCurrently in Czech Republic there are 554 plants which

produce 6,642 GWh of biogas per year.

The biogas sector was expanding notably in past years and the support schemes ceased to exist in 2014 as the government concluded that the target for renewable energy had been already reached.

>> Read the full report about the first period of the project in Czech Republic, here. <<


WP3 – Intervention in Target Countries/Regions:

  • Start a stakeholder forum as an informal group working on the biogas sector in the Czech Republic  – with the participation of the consortium RESTEP, ČZU (The Czech University of Life Sciences Prague), CZ Biom and Bioklastr.
  • Organise a national conference where especially the first day was designated for the Biogas Action project and the representatives of public bodies. There were more than 150 participants and a rich discussion during the networking dinner on the improvements of the biogas sector as it is.
  • Negotiations with three main institutions – OTE which is the Czech electricity and gas market operator, ČPS – Czech Gas Association and Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT).
  • Active participation on setting the grant conditions within the subsidy programs “Low-carbon technology” (Operational Programme Business and Innovations for Competitiveness) at MIT and within the Investments to promote renewable energy (part of Rural Development Programme) at the Ministry of Agriculture – in both cases our proposals were at least partially implemented (specifically the design parameters of the subsidies, technologies appropriate for receiving the grants and evaluation criteria)
  • Identify 2 pilot projects for the preparation of the business cases – those would be RESTEP (biomass module) and the biogas plant in Bystrice
  • Prepared a series of 6 trainings for specific topics which will take place directly at the biogas plants
  • Identify 2 projects for active support and feasibility study – 2x small upgrading unit and the usage of biogas in transport

Within WP2 – Tools for successful regional biogas initiatives and deployment:

  • Examples of interesting success stories biogas plants and voted for the top 10 in the next round.

Within WP5 – Dissemination & Communication:

  • Produced roll up, printed leaflets, emitted a newsletter and amended the webpage with the project website

Read about the outcomes of Biogas Action project in Czech Republic until the interim phase, here.