At the start of the project, in the Netherlands, there were 110 co-digestion biogas installations and 5 mono-manure digesters (A total of 100 MW). The total amount of upgraded biogas (bio methane) was 90 million Nm3 a year, has risen to 120 million m³/year.

During the BiogasAction, CCS been working on different tasks in order to promote and fulfill the targets in BiogasAction – especially with focus on WP3. The following initiatives has been established:

Institutional building

Unfortunately, this main network GGNL has to shrink its activities to a minimum. That’s because lack of funding. Therefore, we cooperated strongly with BEON, a regional cluster for bioenergy in the east of the Netherlands. Although the impact of branch organization was declining during the project period, through BiogasAction, CCS has been able to connect a lot of policy makers and civil servants with existing biogas plants and new initiatives. The task contributed to spreading the knowledge about new concepts in the development of biogas installation in The Netherlands. With BEON focusing more on digestion as before, a re-established connection for the biogas sector in East of the Netherlands is in place with good lobbying initiatives.

Strengthening the biogas sector framework

  • Training
    Two training rounds for supervisors, regional policy makers and law enforcers and permit providers in environmental services and water boards on the topic: Manure processing, mono- and (co-) digestion.
  • Excursions and events
    Several events where (co)-organised to raise public acceptance for biogas, such as lectures at the congress Gelderland ziet Ruimte, excursions for local and provincial government and public administration.
  • Lobby work for better circumstances

We also put a lot of effort in lobbying for the biogas framework. CCS provided yearly feedback on the proposed feed-in premium SDE+ for better, participated the in NEN committee for safety standards on biogas to ensured uniform safety requirements for biogas in future. In Gelderland we participate in the ‘biomass table’, a high level political consultative body.

Optimizing business models and financing of biogas projects

We have supported the development of projects with new or reinvented business models. Business case development support was given in in 4 categories: small scale, HUB with external gas delivery, larger projects and projects close to operation.

  • Project and business cases support in 4 categories with innovative business models:
    • Support for 13 Smaller projects on biomethane and manure processing
    • Support for 6 HUB projects delivering biogas/heat to industrial end users
    • Support for 2 larger projects
    • Support for 5 projects close to operation,
      • 2 smaller projects
      • 3 HUB projects with a total of 11 digesters.
  • Farmers who received support have developed new skills and projects have moved forward thanks to our support.
  • Various projects are now further in the development of their project. At least 4, with a total of 12 digesters of them are expected to start building within 2 years, meaning 1.7 MW tot capacity.

Optimization of biogas production

  • Training material was developed mainly focussed on small scale digestion. Trainings where developed on project planning, business models, use of substrates, different components, environment, economics, permits and legal aspects of manure, biogas and digestate processing.
  • 7 trainings on specific topics for biogas plant operators, total 112 participants
  • Additional support for 3 biogas plants to optimise their production

The knowledge gap at (future) plant operators is widely recognized within CCS and CCS has therefore joined the PLANET (www.erasmus-planet) project to further develop en professionalize training material plant operators. The developed material of BiogasAction will be used as input for PLANET.

Assistance to specific high-quality biogas project development

We gave assistance and practical support to 8 projects on general project development, with difficulties with his grant and CHP, selection the right destination for biogas, permit issues, and feed-in premium problems.

  • 4 successful new plants in operation through biogas action support
  • Re-continuation of production at 1 plant
  • Support in improving the current business case operation at 1 plant
  • 1 project is planned to start construction fourth quarter of 2018
  • 1 project came to a standstill due to lack of finance, permit issues and no destination of the biogas.

Total reactor capacity 20.779 m³

  • Investment Volume: 18,513 k€
  • RES triggered: 6,977 toe/year
  • CO2Savings: 18,151 t CO2e/year

Read the full report about the intervention in the Netherlands, here. <<

Check the video to know more (available only in Dutch)

CCS After Biogas Action

CCS will continue the active participation in BEON biogas action group, for better circumstances for biogas.

The knowledge gap at (future) plant operators is widely recognized within CCS and CCS has therefore joined the PLANET (www.erasmus-planet) project to further develop en professionalize training material plant operators. The developed material of BiogasAction will be used as input for PLANET.

Further we are seeking for opportunities to implement new projects. This can be in a course for plant operators, or by helping interesting biogas projects. If you are interested in how we can help you, or if you know a project that could benefit from our project, please get in touch with us via phone or mail: +31 (0) 570 667 000 or