Map of the Biogas Potential in the region of Rhône-Alpes

An interactive map of the regional plan for biogas potential in the region of Rhône-Alpes

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If you are interested in agriculture you are interested in environment

Florian Lafoux, French trainee, has recently finished his nine week practice at More Biogas in Kalmar, Sweden.

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Public discussion in Croatia

BiogasAction has organised a public discussion on the new Ordinance on energy from renewable energy systems and cogeneration in order to facilitate better biogas framework condition in Croatia.

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Tools for successful regional biogas initiatives and deployment

According to the experience of project partners and results of completed bioenergy projects, the most effective trigger for stimulating the deployment of biogas/biomethane technology is a regional approach. Consequently, WP2 focuses on existing documentation of EU and national projects and success stories that help strengthening the regional initiatives.

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Mobilisation in the target regions

Since the start of the project in January 2016, Biogas Action has mobilised its intervention in the target countries/regions –  Rhonalp and Western part of France, Wales/UK, Croatia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Denmark, Latvia and South East Sweden.

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Biogas Situation in Poland

According to the official documents and independent analyses, agricultural biogas sector in Poland will develop with increased momentum in the upcoming years.

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Biogas Action Replication Event in Warsaw

The Biogas Action replication event in Warsaw revealed a genuine interest of the market actors in the Polish biogas sector to develop new projects and to learn from EU experience in this respect.

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UK: Residents back green gas, survey finds

More than three quarters of UK residents view biomethane in a positive light, a new study has found.

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France: Permanent tax exemption for agricultural biogas plants

The French finance law of 2015 already provided a seven-year tax exemption for agricultural biogas plants. From 2016 onward, that exemption will become permanent. It only recently came to light that the French tax authorities confirmed this in an administrative letter dated 6 January 2016.

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Kick Off Meeting

On 10th of February, a Kick Off Meeting commenced the BiogasAction project. The meeting started in Copenhagen and finished in Vejen.  During the meeting all of the consortium partners met and different project parts and approach have been discussed.  Also, three study trips were made to three Danish biogas plants.

Visions, Guidelines & Project Development

The partners discussed what to focus on within WP2, moreover each partner region presented first ideas on the key points and the main actions to undertake. Partners became familiar with WP2 – toolbox development requirements by EBA,  as well as WP3, WP4, WP5 and its deliverables. Also, each partner presented their mobilisation plan.

Biogas development in Denmark

The Danish Biogas Association and the Danish Technology Centre for Biogas presented their organizational approach and sector situation in the country. These included the subtrates market, potentials for future development and challenges, regulatory and political situation as well as the policy goals. The Danish Green Investment Fund – a new major investor in biogas plants –presented financial perspectives of funding biogas projects.

Biogas installations visited

Solrød Biogas

Linko Gas

NGF Nature Energy Holsted

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