Biogas Action meeting in Prague

Biogas Action meeting took place on 26th and 27th of June in Prague. The partners from across Europe met to discuss project progress and activities in their regions.

The main scope of the Prague meeting was to undertake the final evaluation of the first period of core interventions in the target regions and to get learning for the second period of interventions, replication & dissemination. Day 1

The first day started with introduction by Jan Matejka from CzBA. Lada Uskobová from European Biogas Association (EBA) followed with a presentation of the newly developed Online Toolbox. The toolbox is a database of comprehensive materials about the Policies/Technical/Educational tools that can be applied across the European Biogas Sector. It has been officially launched on the Biogas Action website – read more here. The toolbox is in constant development based on the partners feedback.

Nils Daugaard from ECNetwork introduced an internal workshop for evaluating the first period of core interventions. One of the outcomes of the workshop is enhancing the cooperation on common themes in the project onwards. The partners were asked to present challenges and opportunities associated with the effort, achievements on the performance indicators and plans for the upcoming period. The workshop took place in three groups with the moderation of CSS, DFFB and ESS.

The day 1 finished with a site visit to biogas installation facilities at the public wastewater treatment plant in Prague.


Day 2

Day 2 started with a continuation of the workshop initiated on day 1. A common regional challenges and opportunities were presented by each workshop group and the common challenges discussed.

Jan Stambasky from EBA followed with a presentation about the further development of the Biogas Toolbox. The database will be further updated with comprehensive guidelines for promotion of biogas at regional/local scale with associated institutional-building, tools development and market support.

Jakob Lorenzen (DFFB) presented feedback on finishing the reports on the Intervention in the Target Regions, including deliverables on cross-regional findings and impact assessment reports.

Valérie Borroni and Patric Biard from RAEE presented and opened a discussion regarding Replication and Networking – including planning and networking on the national and EU levels, as well as undertaking the networking activities. Replication beyond target regions in terms of how each partner contributed to the Open Call for Replication Partners was also a point of discussion.

Jan Stambasky from EBA and Filip Dumitru from Fedarene presented the developments and updates regarding dissemination activities. These activities included Press Releases, Newsletters, Website and European Transferability.

Jan Willem Bijnagte (CCS) presented plans for the workshop on Advanced Biogas Applications and options for supplementary site visits during the next project meeting in the Netherlands.

Armelle Damiano (AILE) made a presentation regarding the organisation within the topic of Biogas Investments Comparison, in which she made aware of possible factors that can cause differences in the investment costs. These include first of all the regulations, support mechanisms and of course characteristics of the plant itself. To be able to reduce costs, reasons of these differences need to be understood. The following discussion was around the challenges of collecting and identifying the necessary data and identifying the necessary data. Jakob Lorenzen from DFFB followed up with explanation of the study that is currently being undertaken by DFFB to compare the key indicators between seven Danish biogas plants agreed to participate. The findings of the study will be disseminated to the partners and it can be a base for data collection.

Nils Daugaard from EC Network summarised the meeting and plans for the next project steps.