Regional integrated biogas plants

This page gathers information on some of the most interesting biogas plant projects that have the potential to be applied in other European regions. It provides:

  • Background information on the starting conditions and the technical data of these biogas plants.
  • Detailed analysis of the current situation and when the project was planned.
  • The major drivers leading to the decision to build the plant.
  • Information on the obstacles the operators faced.
  • The involvement of the municipality and the residents of the area around the biogas plant.
  • Information on the financial background (analysis of local support tools, subsidies, etc.).
  • Technical data of the biogas plants, type and amount of feedstocks and the products of the biogas process.
  • Information on the utilization of products: biogas, heat and digestate.
  • These biogas plants are not only highly outstanding and special but also feasible to apply to other
    European regions.

DOWNLOAD the Biogas Action Brochure on regional integrated Biogas Plants

Bioplinsko Postrojenje Gradec, Agrokor Energija (Croatia)

  • Waste to Energy
  • Technology and Social Integration
    >> more info

Plant Zdar nad Sazavou, (Czech Repubic)

  • Biowaste to Power
  • Full use of Generated Energy
    >> more info

Solrød BiogaS (Denmark)

  • Seaweed to Power
  • Carbon-free energy for the municipality
    >> more info

Agribiomethane (France)

  • Slurry to Biomethane
  • Diversification of profits for farmers
    >> more info


Agrogas & Wärme GmbH & Co KG (Germany)

  • Agricultural Waste to Power
  • Remote CHP to provide energy to region
    >> more info

Bio Ziedi Ltd. (Latvia)

  • Agricultural Waste to Power
  • Heat use for fish and seafood farming
    >> more info

Greendal Vergisting (Netherlands)

  • Chicken Manure to Energy
  • Digestate use to grow algae
    >> more info

More Biogas in Småland AB (Sweden)

Lodge Farm, Holt, Wrexham (United Kingdom)

  • Food and Agricultural Waste to Energy
  • Organic farming
    >> more info