Biogas Action activities in Croatia

Think_Tank for Biogas workshop and start of cooperation between Biogas Action and SUCELLOG projects took place during March in Zagreb, thanks to coordination of Energy Institute Hrvoje Pozar.

Biogas Action workshop: Think_Tank for Biogas

21st March in Zagreb, Croatia a workshop named Think_Tank for Biogas took place. The workshop was part of the Biogas Action project activity. The aim of Think_Tank for Biogas was to discuss project objectives, to consider different development directions for Croatian biogas market and to involve stakeholders and key actors more deeply. The aim of the discussion was also to receive a clear picture and necessary guidelines for business models and development of biogas plants in Croatia.

The event was attended by representatives from Croatian Chamber of Agriculture, Croatian Association of Biogas Producers, Faculty of Agriculture, public utility companies and private sector representatives. There were 21 participants present. Topics discussed included biogas market development, possible development directions for biogas plant operators and users, cooperation between biogas operators and municipalities and entry of food processing industry into the biogas market. Participants shared their opinions, experience and knowledge on presented topics.

Synergy between SUCELLOG and Biogas Action

On 29th of March, two project SUCELLOG and Biogas Action were presented together in Zagreb, Croatia to show possibility for synergy between agriculture and energy sector. The possibility of synergy can be seen in the field of energy, such as agropelets, woodchips from short rotation coppice, biogas, agriculture biomass for non-products of primary agriculture production. The synergy can be seen as well within the innovative concepts for biomass utilization in production processes in agriculture, storage and processing of agricultural products.

The event was attended by 15 participants from various fields. They were introduced with thematic of better utilization of inactive agroindustry plants in purpose of production solid biomass for domestic market from crop residues.