Biogas Action aims to serve as vehicle for the development of the European biogas sector and to increase the biogas and biomethane production in the European Union, by focusing on removing the non-technical barriers to contribute to creating better frameworks for the widespread production of biogas and biomethane, in line with the EU 2020 targets.
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Danish Technology Centre for Biogas is and association within the Biogas business and it is devoted to increase the level of competences among Danish Biogas Plants by providing training and...

Danish Technology Centre for Biogas – DFFB

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Czech Biogas Association was founded in January 2007 as national technology platform in the field of biogas production and utilization. CzBA currently associates more than 40 biogas industry...

Czech Biogas Association

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FEDARENE is a European network of regional and local energy agencies and governments which facilitate and/or implement sustainable energy policies and measures at the regional and local...


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EC Network is a Danish research and promotion company with a mission to make a professional contribution to the dissemination of sustainable energy and environmental systems. We work...

EC Network – ECNet

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Severn Wye Energy Agency is a charity with a vision of a bright, secure and sustainable future free from fuel poverty. Our mission to provide practical expertise for more energy efficient...

Severn Wye Energy Agency – SWEA

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The European Biogas Association (EBA) was founded in February 2009 as a Brussels based non-profit organisation promoting the deployment of sustainable biogas and biomethane production...

European Biogas Association – EBA

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We are a small / medium sized private consulting firm, working on sustainable energy solutions. Besides industry and utilities we do a lot of work in agricultural biogas. For more...

Cornelissen Consulting Services – CCS

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The International Biogas and Bioenergy Centre of Competence will contribute to Biogas Actions by aiming to:

- Overcome the barriers in the project’s target...

The International Biogas and Bioenergy Centre of Competence – IBBK

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RAEE is the regional energy and environment agency of the Auvergne - Rhône-Alpes region. Created in 1978 with the support of the Regional Council, the agency aims at promoting, co-ordinating...

Rhônalpénergie-Environnement – RAEE

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Ekodoma is an energy engineering consulting firm whose scope is to ensure energy efficiency and use of sustainable energy sources to achieve economic development with the lowest possible...


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The agency was established in 1999. It is jointly owned by an association where regional councils, counties and municipalities are members. The Energy Agency initiates,...

Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden – ESS

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AILE is a local energy agency created in 1995 under the European SAVE programme in partnership with ADEME of Brittany (Agency for Environment and Energy Management) and FRCUMA Ouest (Western...


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The Energy Institute Hrvoje Pozar (EIHP) is a wholly state-owned, non-profit scientific institution financed on a per-project basis that acquires about 60% of its income from international...

Energy Institute Hrvoje Pozar – EIHP




  1. Wood biomass heating – success factors and technology solutions in practice

    February 16 - February 17

    In the framework of the Bioenergy4Business project, Finnish organisation Motiva is organising a study tour on ‘Wood biomass heating – success factors and technology solutions in practice’, on 16-17 February 2017 in Tampere, Finland. The event will cover biomass heating (gasification) and wood fuel logistics in Finland and will feature several site visits. For more information on the study tour and to register please click here – the organising committee will also offer free accommodation to the first registered participants.